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Vahan Terterian, Ashok Viswanath, John Sibert

About Ria Money Transfer

Ria is a global money transfer company offering affordable and convenient services in over 140 countries worldwide.

My Contribution

I lead continuous research sessions in which I engage with users to uncover their needs, pain points, and desires. The insights gained from these discussions inform the design of app improvements. One significant enhancement has been to increase the send limits for our users, which has led to a measurable increase in revenue from large transfers.

A Failure to Communicate Boundaries

I discovered that many users were unclear about how their send limits functioned. They often found themselves needing to send amounts that exceeded these limits. This insight led to a pivotal idea: by enabling users to increase their send limits, we could simultaneously boost our revenue. The issue was succinctly encapsulated by two users, who shared the following feedback:


"No. I'm still confused, was it a per day limit or per month? Or if it was $3,000 or something I'm not aware yet??"


"I have requested by email and by phone, but no one has given me an increased limit. But with Xoom in one day I can send $20,000."

Exploration of Daily vs. Monthly Limits

A primary challenge for our users was a lack of understanding regarding the difference between daily and monthly limits, as well as the reset schedule for their monthly limit. To address this confusion, we investigated several methods of improving how we communicate this crucial information.

Convincing Compliance

Our most significant challenge in validating our hypothesis with stakeholders was demonstrating that the potential revenue increase would justify the compliance costs. Our analysis revealed that Ria rejects approximately 50,000 transactions annually for exceeding the send limit.

By addressing this issue, we projected a potential revenue increase of 5% to 10%. Subsequently, we needed to clarify the compliance logic to assess the requirements for users to raise their limits.

Key Results

Our initial focus was the launch of a send limit increase trial for customers transferring funds from the US to India. This experiment yielded positive outcomes, notably enhancing both the revenue and the principal amount per transaction.

Revenue per transaction

+ $0.20

Principal per transaction

+ $80.00


This feature provided a valuable lesson in navigating the complexities of the financial sector, where compliance reigns supreme. Engaging stakeholders required considerable effort due to the regulatory focus. For future initiatives, collaborating closely with business analysts will be crucial. Their expertise in crafting compelling analyses and profit projections is essential to influence stakeholders and ultimately enhance user experience.

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