Currency Insights

Subscription product for Xe power users


6 months


User Research
UI/UX Design
Brand design


Figma, Next JS, Dovetail


Stephen Barna, Alakh Chandra, John Sibert

About Xe is well known for providing foreign currency information and monetizes its services through facilitating money transfers and displaying click ads.

My Contribution

Our team aimed to expand Xe's revenue streams by developing a subscription-based data dashboard. I led the user research efforts and crafted the initial design for the Minimum Viable Product.

Lost in a Sea of Data

Our competitive analysis revealed that currency enthusiasts and traders were in need of a more reliable source for navigating the complexities of foreign exchange. They faced three main problems:

Fragmented Information

The currency market data was spread among numerous sources, causing users to comb through various platforms to get comprehensive insights.

Distracting Experiences

Existing sources suffered from poor usability and were filled with disruptive ads, which complicated the process of comprehending complex information.

Stocks over Currencies

Competitor products were primarily tailored to stock markets, thereby overlooking the specialized requirements of Forex traders and enthusiasts.

Only 16% of Xe Users Engage with Money Transfers

When we surveyed our users, 65% indicated that they primarily use to track exchange rates. Recognizing that we were monetizing only a a small portion of our audience through transfers, we began devising strategies to provide value-added services to the larger segment that focuses on exchange rate information.

The Need for Advanced Insights

User interviews revealed a variety of unmet needs, such as the ability to holistically analyze currency trends and economic events. Users are looking for interactive charting capabilities that allow superimposing multiple currency pairs, utilizing advanced indicators, and integrating real-time news.

"I wish the chart package was more interactive. For instance, I can't access year-to-date data or review historical data from Xe. I also want to compare USD/Euro and Swiss Franc on the same chart."

Customizable Beta Development

Our MVP was crafted with drag-and-drop widgets, allowing users to personalize their currency dashboard. This beta version aimed to gain insights into the features users found most valuable for our final product.

Demonstrating Value to Stakeholders

Our challenge was to demonstrate the necessity and feasibility of a new product offering. Within one month, we created waitlist of over 6000 users with organic interest.

The significant interest, along with our profit analysis and projections, successfully persuaded our stakeholders to fund our initiative, invest in necessary data sources, and allocate time and development resources to bring our vision to fruition.

Selling the Vision

To promote our new product offering, we developed a public landing page and crafted several advertisements featured on the main Xe website.

Next Steps

We plan to release our beta product to the individuals on our waitlist to gather their feedback. This will enable us to refine and adapt the product in alignment with our users' needs.

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