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Bringing New Life to a Trusted Classic


3 months


Design Systems
UX/UI Design
Brand Design


Figma, Next JS


Stephen Barna, Daniel Camargo, John Sibert

About Xe's Public Site

Xe isa global financial company with a 20-year history, it serves 16 million unique visitors monthly, offering currency data and international money transfer services.

My contribution

I led the charge in redesigning our website, elevating our outdated platform to a modern and user-friendly interface tailored for our primary demographic: High-Income Global Citizens.

Beyond Banking

In response to user needs, our redesign emphasizes the financial advantages we offer over traditional banks, thereby enhancing trust in our service.

New Horizons

Modern aesthetics, combined with the distinctive Xe brand curve, convey our global expertise in currency data and international money transfers.

Understanding the Xe User

Our continuous user research allowed us to identify the unique needs of Xe customers who manage large international transactions. In response, our design approach was to craft a secure and trustworthy solution, specifically tailored to handle these substantial money transfers effectively and reliably.

Xe Persona

High income world citizen

Unlike typical remittance customers who transfer around $250 USD on average, Xe serves high-income global citizens. Our clients often transfer substantial amounts, averaging $6,200 USD per transaction, for activities like international living, property purchases abroad, and global business dealings.

These individuals, earning between $100k and $500k+ annually, expect a premium, personalized service that aligns with their wealth optimization goals.

Visual Exploration

Our visual direction is rooted in five core brand principles: Trustworthiness, Simplicity, Elegance, Premium Service, and timelessness.

Testing our Hypothesis

Based on our research, we formulated a hypothesis: Demonstrating how Xe's services compare favorably to traditional banks would engage our users positively. To test this, we launched a comparative campaign to 1 million users. The results were encouraging — we observed a 5% increase in user conversions, which provided valuable insights that shaped our final design strategy.

Key Results

Over the next two weeks after our initial release, we observed significant improvements to our 3 core KPIs:

Sign in and Send Clicked


Profile Created


First Transactions Created


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